How to Make a Strategic, Value-Driven Business Case for Your DevOps Initiative


Did you ever hear the story about the organisation that continued to meet their customers’ expectations and then went under? No? Me neither.

DevOps is a way of enabling enterprises to keep pace with change and continue to meet customer expectations and deliver business value. The business case for DevOps is utterly compelling; all the more reason why any DevOps initiative needs to be articulated in a way that means it will get approved.

There are many articles and blogs out there that describe the ‘business benefits’ of DevOps, but these typically are written from a largely technological view of the ‘business benefits’. However, the business case is at the intersection of strategy and operations. It should lay out a tangible way forward for a project or programme to achieve one or more strategic objectives. DevOps business cases that focus on tactical (technical) achievements rather than attaining the strategic enterprise objective will not fare as well as those that focus on business or customer value. The technical achievements of a DevOps project or programme is of course important, but as we deconstruct and rebuild the business case in subsequent paragraphs, you will see the value of focusing on strategic enterprise objectives and delivering value to the business and customer.

In this article, I will give the business view of the DevOps business case as someone that has been involved in the writing, reviewing and approving of business cases.

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