How Old is that Data on the Hard Drive?

Article Source Linux Magazine
May 19, 2009, 2:20 pm

There is a system administrator theorem that is basically written as ‚ÄúUsers will find a way to use space faster than new space can be added to systems.‚Äù The corollary to this theorem is, ‚ÄúUsers will always insist that all of their data is critical and must be retained on-line.‚Äù The end result of this theorem and corollary is that the explosion of storage is really a burden that all system administrators must bear. What administrators need is a tool or a set of tools to help them examine file systems to determine what files and/or directories are being used and which ones haven‚Äôt been used recently (i.e. the ‚Äúage‚Äù of files and directories)…