March 25, 2005

How one company cut its reporting overhead by 80 percent

Author: ITMJ Staff

Corporate IT budgets have been slow to recover from deep cuts earlier this
decade, and IT divisions are under the gun to fix what's broken, keep existing
systems running smoothly, and get more bang for the bucks they spend. How

do they achieve this? What are tactics being used? What is some software
helping IT departments to do more with less?

PFSweb faced this problem:
PFSweb, a Plano, Texas-based global provider of integrated business
process outsourcing solutions, operates an IT department that provides
three strategic functions: developing business software for sale in a direct
license model and a fully hosted ASP model; operating a hosting center that
provides clients with access to IT systems and software; and operating a
professional services organization that provides project management and
software customization and implementation services for clients.

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