July 31, 2018

How an Open-Source Education Can Help Students Gain an Edge

Open-source software development is less structured and more free flowing, relying on the ideas and (sometimes brutally honest) input from developers from different backgrounds. Like a team of students working on a group project, open-source software is created from code written by many different contributors, some of whom may be halfway around the world, constantly iterating, innovating and having fun.

As such, an open-source curriculum can expose students to various like-minded people from different and diverse backgrounds while preparing them to be better technologists and work in a field that demands their services.

Preparing students for open organizations

It is also no coincidence that many of the organizations seeking open-source skills have adopted the methodologies that define open-source software development. They want young people with fresh ideas, but they also want people who know how to work with and seek input from others.

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