How Orange is Using OpenDaylight


By Jamil Chawki, Core Network Strategy & Standards Manager, Orange; OpenDaylight Advisory Group Member

We at Orange have a long history of participating and contributing to open source communities and have been a leading supporter of open standards. As one of the largest global telecommunication operators, we provide a comprehensive range of fixed and mobile services to over 247 million customers in 29 countries. Since the launch of OpenDaylight in 2013 Orange has been an active participant in the community. Orange is also actively participating in OpenStack and is a founding member of OPNFV.

The SDN Opportunity

With SDN at Orange we anticipate benefits across the entire scope of our business including order fulfillment, assurance/analytics, cloud DC interconnects, Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) connectivity and more. There are several key opportunities that SDN could bring to network operators, first being the dynamic nature of the technology.

With SDN, operators can exercise dynamic control over network resources which can offer a host of benefits, not least of which is the ability to empower new consumer purchasing models for self-service and on-demand provisioning. While automation is important, it would do little good in overly-complex environments. Instead what SDN can do is streamline resource abstractions to hide complexity and simplify the overall solution.

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