How Postgres and Open Source Are Disrupting The Market for Database Management Systems


Open source database management systems (OSDBMSs) have matured into viable alternatives to proprietary, commercial solutions. It comes as no surprise that OSDBMSs are not-so-subtly pushing proprietary solutions to the periphery. According to Gartner’s The State of Open Source RDBMS, 2015, the OSDBMS market is worth $562 million and has grown 31% year over year since 2013.

By contrast, the overall market for database management solutions, valued by IDC to be over $50 billion by 2018, grew by only 5.4% year over year during that same period. In terms of market evolution, Gartner writes: “By 2018, more than 70% of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS, and 50% of existing relational DBMS instances will have been converted or will be in process.” Id. In other words, the entire definition of the database management system market will shift from commercial, closed-source DBMSs to OSDBMSs – a paradigm shift with decades of future staying power.

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