August 9, 2016

How To Succeed at Failure with Microservices

A deep exploration of failure at microservices can help enterprise succeed. After all, failure is feedback. Failure is a temporary state. Leadership author John C. Maxwell, in his book “Failing Forward,” encourages a new definition of failure, seeing it as the price we pay to achieve success.

Speaking at the recent CA Technologies API360 Summit in New York, Ronnie Mitra, co-author of “Microservice Architecture: Aligning Principles, Practices, and Culture,” said missteps in reorienting towards a microservices architecture is to be expected, after all, when you make services small, the system around them becomes more complex.

Mitra says that the essence of microservices is speed and safety at scale and in harmony. He points to three areas that become increasingly complex at scale:

  • when demand increases (there are now lots of users of your app),
  • with distance (code for the app is geographically dispersed across cloud infrastructure) and,
  • amongst organizations (as the business grows, what worked for a 10-person company may no longer work when there are thousands of staff).

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