How Unikernels Can Better Defend against DDoS Attacks


On the episode of The New Stack Makers podcast, Dell EMC CTO Idit Levine, an EMC chief technology officer at the cloud management division and office of the CTO, discussed how unikernels are poised to offer all of the developer flexibility afforded to containers, while striving for better security and integrations with many of todays top container platforms. 

At KubeCon earlier this month, Levine and the rest of the team behind the open source unikernel compilation and management platform, Unik announced new features for Unik designed to bolster both unikernel adoption and community involvement with the project moving forward. These changes included Kubernetes integration, with users having the ability to run Unik side-by-side with Kubernetes, and adding support for the Google Cloud Platform after continued requests to do so from the community.

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