January 8, 2003

How to use open source Ohioedge J2eeBuilder

Author: JT Smith

Why spend months of development time
programming common, standard J2EE infrastructure code? Why spend thousands of
dollars on proprietary J2EE IDE when you can go the open source route? Spend time
and money learning J2EE and not on how to use vendor-specific IDEs. Build applications with J2eeBuilder.

Ohioedge J2eeBuilder Toolkit is a library of generic implementations of J2EE core
patterns and practices such as Value Object, Business Delegate, Service Locator,
Connection Factory, Intercepting Filter, Front Controller, Service To Worker, Dispatcher
View, View List Handler, Composite View, Session Façade, Authentication, and Session
Management essential for building Web-based applications. Ohioedge J2eeBuilder also
includes a set of generic Ant scripts for that make packaging of components and
composing of applications a breeze.

Ohioedge J2eeBuilder is an open source project hosted at http://j2eebuilder.sourceforge.net

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