How Using Open-Source Software Can Affect Your Company’s Value

Article Source CIO
December 16, 2009, 12:18 pm

Open-source software is an increasingly popular software development and distribution model that may spread further in the face of financial constraints in our current economy. With publicly available source code generally offered without charge, it is tempting to look to open source for potentially significant cost savings in this time of need.
But not so fast. While proponents of open source proclaim the benefits of “free code,” it might better be compared to the free puppy offered to a good home. The “puppy” may come at no initial cost, but the ongoing maintenance and undisclosed hidden dangers may create unforeseen hassles in your corporate home. Open source has complex legal restrictions that can create copyright and patent compliance issues and corporate transaction challenges for companies that rely heavily on customized software or that distribute software to partners or customers…
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