December 6, 2012

HowTo: Linux Limit A Specific User’s Shell Account Network Bandwidth Using Bash Shell

linux-logo.pngI am using a bash shell under Ubuntu Linux operating system. Sometime I need to restrict my own Internet bandwidth for all my shell applications such as ftp, sftp, wget, curl and friends. How do I limit the network speed under bash without setting up a complicated firewall and tc rules as described here?
You need to use a portable lightweight userspace bandwidth shaper called trickle. It can run in in collaborative mode or in stand alone mode. trickle works by taking advantage of the unix loader preloading.

Essentially it provides, to the application, a new version of the functionality that is required to send and receive data through sockets. It then limits traffic based on delaying the sending and receiving of data over a socket. trickle runs entirely in userspace and...Read the rest at nixCraft

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