October 30, 2008

HP announces $399 Mini 1000 netbook and MIE Linux

Today HP officially announced something we all saw comingââ¬Â¦ another netbook. The new Mini 1000 is the companyââ¬â¢s second netbook, the first being the Mini-Note 2133, but it is the first aimed at consumers as the 2133 was designed for the education market. The Mini 1000 is notable not only because the 2133 was a big hit after being released, but also because HP has moved from using a VIA processor to Intelââ¬â¢s Atom. If that isnââ¬â¢t enough to get you interested the Mini 1000 will be available with HPââ¬â¢s Mobile Internet Experience (MIE), an attractive and intuitive user interface built on top of Ubuntu Linux.

Link: geek.com


  • Linux
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