December 5, 2003

HP expands Debian Linux support

Hewlett-Packard is to expand support offerings to customers who run the Debian Project's version of Linux in an effort to cater to vertical markets
and customers who want customised applications that require changes to the kernel.

"HP Services is working on some projects right now to increase the number and quality of the support offerings that they can provide to customers who
want to run Debian," said HP Linux chief technology officer Bdale Garbee.

The Debian Project is an association of programmers who have banded together to develop a non-commercial operating system. The operating system is
based on the Linux kernel and also incorporates basic software tools from another free-software project, the GNU Project, and is called the Debian
GNU/Linux, or Debian for short. Garbee was the project leader for Debian until early this year.



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