HP launches secure Linux


Author: JT Smith

By John Leyden
The Register

Hewlett-Packard is expected to launch a secure version of Linux today in a departure from the normal approach of partnering with Linux distributors, such as Red Hat.

HP Secure OS Software for Linux, which is based on the 2.4 kernel and costs about $3,000, News.com reports. The vendor is also expected to sell its own services offering to go with the release.

It’s not the first time someone has developed a more secure, or hardened, version of Linux. In the most high profile project, the NSA has worked with Network Associates and other security firms to develop a prototype version of a security-hardened Linux.

More details on HP’s efforts in creating a secure Linux are expected to become available later, and it’ll be interesting to see what HP’s development work will give to the open source community as a whole.

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