October 11, 2012

HP May Still Be The King Of PCs, But Lenovo Will Usurp The Throne Next Quarter


Depending who you ask, Lenovo topped HP in 2012′s third quarter to become the top worldwide PC supplier. Research firm Gartner reports Lenovo shipped just slightly more PCs than HP to hit a 15.7% marketshare, besting HP’s 15.5% marketshare. But IDC reports an additional segment and therefore different numbers; HP is still on top per IDC.

But arguing the minutiae is silly here. The time is near. HP’s reign on the top of the PC hill is about to come to a close. HP is crashing while Lenovo is rapidly growing.

This story is about two computer giants, one faltering under its own weight and the other one rising to the top, fueled by gumption and ambition. HP lost its way over the last 10 years thanks to a dizzying amount of executive turnover. But Lenovo seized a massive opportunity and charged forward.


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