HPC Storage Grows Cloudier, Flashier


Organizations running high performance computing (HPC) workloads are increasingly seeking out cloud-based storage solutions and speedy flash-enabled systems to help them cope with growing complexity and the sheer amounts of data they are managing nowadays, according to new research from DataDirect Networks (DDN).

For starters, organizations are making use of more data, the company found in its survey of over 100 HPC professionals. Eighty-five percent of reported that they are using or managing more than one petabyte (PB) of storage, a 12-percent increase compared to last year’s results. Nearly 30 percent said they in charge of over 10PB of storage.

Nearly half (48 percent) of all respondents said they planned to stash at least some of their data on a public or private cloud, an 11 percent jump compared to 2016. Yet, only five percent of those polled said they expect to place more than 30 percent of their data in the cloud.

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