HPE’s ChatOps Aims to Replace Dev Collaboration Platforms with Slack


Do developers really need another collaboration and communications platform, over and above what theyre already using today?  In one of the more startling responses you may expect to find from a company in the business of pushing software, Hewlett Packard Enterprise has effectively said, no.

In fact, the service that became the sleeper hit of the last HPE Discover conference in Las Vegas HPEs ChatOps is actually an open-source implementation of the companys existing automation and incident management tools, integrated with Slack, the messaging tool that appears to have finally tipped the balance in the market battle over chat tools in the workplace.

At Discover, a trio of HPE software architects gave The New Stack a demo of ChatOps in action. What we did not see was a centralized platform with a big ChatOps banner and some cartoon icon, giving users yet another stream of real-time comments supplemented with happy faces and fickle fingers. Instead, we saw Slack being leveraged as a common stream of communication between developers in a project; DevOps professionals involved in maintaining software in production; and several lightweight bots performing individual tasks, mostly centered around sending data automatically to and from Slack. Using Slacks existing automation, some of that data was used to trigger automated processes, some of which would be remedial in the case of a real software incident.

Enterprise customers are looking at how they can use their existing assets and HPE products, and be able to leverage this new practice, explained Ke Ke Qi, one of HPEs chief architects in the content management space [pictured above].


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