HTC One X+ Review: It’s the One X, And Then Some


HTC One X review (UK version)

A spec bump in the middle of a product cycle? All the cool cats do it these days, even if they risk alienating customers who just bought what they thought was this year’s flagship device. HTC has actually played this game for a while, first with the Sensation XE, which acted as a mid-term replacement for the original Sensation and now, with the One X+ which treads all over the One X‘s toes. However, with this latest handset, the manufacturer has some justification: the One X+ comes with 32GB or 64GB of internal storage, whereas the global One X maxed out at 32GB and the AT&T version was only 16GB. Since there’s no microSD expansion on these phones, it’s possible to argue that the One X+ is a sensible addition, which caters specifically to storage-hungry power users and audiophiles. 


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