March 10, 2002

Hughes releases protection software for Linux/Apache

Author: JT Smith

Hughes Technologies, Inc. has released new software to help prevent Cyber thief called ACloakIt v1.1.0.

ACloakIt v1.1.0 Adds security to your Apache Web Server! The world wide web has become a "dog-eat-dog" arena allowing Cyber thieves to steal your Web Pages!

What makes ACloakIt unique?

ACloakIt displays your REAL meta tags and body content only to search engine spiders, but when your competition or anyone surfing your web site now views your source file, they will only see the body content you want them to see!

Top positioned web pages listed at Search Engines are the most powerful way to generate hits for your web page. These listings are very difficult to obtain and hold on to. Because many so called "Webmasters" are unable to get one of these top listings at the Search Engines, they have are stealing your web pages and editing them to their own theme. Then they submit their pages, but not with your URL and in many cases bump your top listing right out off the top 10 results!

ACloakIt is Shareware, but you can download a copy and test drive it before you decide to register it.

Download ACloakIt.

Click Here!