January 24, 2001

Hughes Technologies, Inc. launches new Internet protocol for DSL

Author: JT Smith

John D. Robinson, Sr. writes Hughes launches new internet protocol for use with the ever popular DSL and ADSL services being offered by Telephone Companies and ISPs. Lawrence R. Hughes, Sr. CEO/President announced that Hughes Technologies, Inc. U.S.A. has released its new DSL_Vdns service to the world.

Hughes stated, "With over 1.5 million new internet subscribers joining the World Wide Web every month, the time is now for small businesses to have their presence known at an affordable price. The average internet service provider charges $50.00 per month to host a web site and Domain Name. With our new protocol, businesses and consumers alike can now for the first time host their own web sites from their business or home with a DSL or ADSL type connection."

Hughes went on to say, "Until now it was not possible to attach a Domain Name with a Dynamic IP Address, which 90% of all DSL and ADSL connections are, thus forcing consumers and businesses to seek a web host provider. With our protocol/service, businesses and consumers can now apply for a Domain Name for their DSL or ADSL web sites."

Hughes Technologies, Inc. and ZFC developed this new technology late in 2000 and will license:

Telephone Companies, DSL providers, and Internet Service Providers to use this new technology.

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