July 22, 2002

Human-like program entities contest

The Loebner 2002 Organizing Committee writes: "Hello Fellow "Bot" Masters: Many of you have heard of the International Loebner
Competition , the first open domain Turing test for
human-like program entities. Many of you have also
hesitated to enter the contest due to the strict rules
requiring special programming and knowledge content.
This year the event is being hosted by the Institute of
Mimetic Sciences, based in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. IMS
wants this 2002 event to include as many contestants as
possible. To make this happen we are moving to develop
a communications program that would allow web-based
Bots to participate from their native locations. Also
we have formulated new contest procedures which will
allow knowledge content to include program entities that
declare they are a robot/computer.
The only thing that will be required from you creative
people is to fit your Botsâ output into a standard HTML
page (which we will work with you to interface) so our
send/capture routine can work with your site. Also Bots
will need to communicate primarily in English.

If you enter, you have a chance to win $2,000 USD for
first place plus other prizes and perks just for reaching
the finals.


Please respond as soon as possible and let us know if you
would like to participate. Also it would be helpful if you
can indicate whether your present Bot interface is JAVA,
HTML, ASP oriented, runs strictly from your server, or
is downloaded to the client.

We are looking forward to having you enter the contest.
For more information please visit:

email: Contest@Mimetics.org


The Loebner 2002 Organizing Committee"

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