July 18, 2001

Humor: Walnut Grove BSD series launched

Author: JT Smith

From the humor site, Segfault: "Worldvision Enterprises Inc. announced today a renewal of its Little House on the Prairie series.
John Michaels, a Worldvision spokesperson explained, '...we were looking for something old and
new; something that harked back to old fashioned values but reflected today's high-tech

The story revolves around an open source software distributor known as 'Walnut Grove BSD.' Mr.
Michaels confirmed that the new series would have an all new cast but take place in the same small
town. 'Of course it would have to be set in the present, how in the world could the characters in the
old series have had computers?' exclaimed a somewhat annoyed Bill Archer, one of the writers of
the upcoming sequel-series."


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