Hybrid DevOps


DevOps is a framework that allows development, quality assurance, and operations to meet the needs of the business to align with customer demand.  It contains capabilities related to:

  • Integrating development and operations teams to facilitate communication, collaboration, and integration to manage today’s rapidly changing business landscape
  • Enabling developers to provision, change and manage their development environments without operations involvement
  • Allowing developers to promote to production cloud-native applications without the need for operations involvement
  • Facilitating both conventional application development acceleration and cloud-native application development techniques

Benefits of DevOps 

  • To align with the speed of business
  • To increase the speed of release of new applications
  • Higher quality applications released to production
  • Having a cloud architecture that both Operations and Development collaboratively define. Provides and alignment with business requirements and objectives as a catalyst to realizing greater opportunities to leverage cloud-native capabilities that are inherent in cloud technologies
  • As an enabler to operations to review features, provide feedback into the development process, and reduce production issues
  • Enables the ability to deliver infrastructure as code

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