November 22, 2005

Hydrate version 2.0 beta 2 released!

David Chamberlin writes "Hydrate is a Java mapping tool that lets you lay an object model over relational and XML data and move information quickly and efficiently between these three representations.

Its strength lies in working with existing relational or XML database, over whose schemas you have little or no control, typically legacy or enterprise reference sources and data warehouses. Through Hydrate you can perform complex calculations and reporting that are best expressed in high-level problem domain modelling offered by an object-oriented language. Hydrate solves real-world problems in a practical way, is flexible, robust and has blistering performance.

Beta 2 has solved a number of usability issues with the 'Query Builder': a tool that assists you to write the definition files that map the results of a database query to your object model.

  • The layout of the window is now more informative and colour coded for more intuitive usage
  • Better error checking means more useful feedback and better validation, warnings and suggestions when saving the queries
  • Query editor windows are now modeless and queries are run in a background thread. This means that you can edit/add more than one query at once, view the object model while editing queries and continue to map the results of a query even though all results might not have been returned.

The query builder and the rest of the Hydrate UI, continue to be add-on tools that assist the developer in writing and mapping SQL queries into an object model. The core library that implements the mapping features of Hydrate did not require any changes and is still as stable as ever."


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