October 11, 2006

Hyperic Anncs. Win-friendly Open Source Management

Hyperic writes "With Latest Hyperic HQ Version, System Administrators Can More Easily Manage Heterogeneous Environments with Free Downloads.

SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Hyperic Inc., the leader in multi-platform, open source IT management, today announced the availability of the latest version of Hyperic HQ. The new version adds Windows support to the eight operating systems and platforms already supported by Hyperic HQ—creating the industry’s most Windows-friendly open source IT management platform. Now, system administrators can monitor, set alerts and analyze any Windows-based application including Exchange, IIS, .NET, and SQL Server using a single interface.

Historically, Windows system administrators haven’t had many choices to manage their infrastructure. This has become an IT management nightmare as environments have become more complicated and heterogeneous. The new Hyperic HQ release simplifies this challenge.

“Microsoft is able to efficiently manage its Windows operating environment through its own management technology,” said Javier Soltero, CEO of Hyperic Inc. “At the end of the day, however, it’s a closed ecosystem that can leave system administrators without the appropriate tools to run heterogeneous systems. By releasing a fully-functional open source platform that manages Apache, JBoss and Oracle – to name just three – on Windows as well as Linux and other platforms, Hyperic fills the gaps, enabling IT to enjoy the same ease of management across all systems.”

Windows is emerging as a popular platform for open source applications and development. SourceForge.net has almost as many Windows projects as Linux projects – more than 22,000 vs. 24,000 as of October 2006. Hyperic’s own website reflects this trend with Windows downloads favored by a nearly 2:1 margin over packages for Linux x86 and AMD64 combined.

Hyperic HQ plugins provide system administrators with built-in support for every major commercial and open source operating system, Web server, application server and database as well as other technologies such as Microsoft Exchange Server and Cisco network devices. Access to the source code enables administrators to enhance a given plug-in to gather additional metrics for HQ reporting.
Hyperic’s technology-neutral approach enables the discovery, monitoring, analysis and control of enterprise IT assets—from the network and operating system layers to the application and service tier. The company’s flagship product, Hyperic HQ, is the first and only enterprise-class open source IT management platform that lets administrators manage the IT technologies in the market today as well as those bound to appear tomorrow.

Access to the free Hyperic HQ and its plugins, pre-packaged for Windows, Linux, Solaris, Mac OSX and others, can be found at: http://www.hyperic.com/downloads/

About Hyperic Inc.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Hyperic (www.hyperic.com) provides systems administrators with IT management software they don’t have to manage. Hyperic is the only open source IT management solution that discovers, monitors, analyzes and controls all open source and commercial enterprise IT assets from a single unified interface. With its consistent, extensible and painless management from installation on, Hyperic’s HQ Management Platform has been adopted by enterprises of all sizes, including Hi5.com, Ogilvy & Mather, eHarmony.com, and more. Founded in 2004, Hyperic is a private company funded by Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners."

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