Hyperledger Bids to Bridge Blockchain Divide in China Push


If blockchain is done right, borders will begin to disappear. Immutable, shared ledgers of transactions and goods could come to serve as a reminder that everything we grow, build, buy and sell comes from the same tiny planet.

But this future is far from guaranteed, and the various blockchain developer groups competing to bring it to life have so far struggled to involve talent from all over the world in this global vision.

Blockchain consortium Hyperledger, for example, was initially founded with support from companies in almost exclusively Western nations. Yet, the consortium has grown this year to include more than 20 members headquartered in China and 10 from Japan and South Korea, with a spattering of members from other nations represented as well.

With that success, Hyperledger executive director Brian Behlendorf has faced a new challenge, creating a system that allows information to flow between its multilingual members as seamlessly as data on a blockchain.

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