August 28, 2001

HyperQbs framework 2.1 calls for beta testers

Author: JT Smith

pulrich writes: "San Jose, California - August 28, 2001 - Qbizm Technologies, Inc., a software infrastructure provider, is proud to announce a new beta version of its HyperQbs[tm] framework 2.1.
HyperQbs is an open servlet framework enabling developers to develop and non-programmers to visually assemble enterprise scale web applications from reusable GUI components. HyperQbs framework is fully compliant with the design goals of the new standard for visual component assembly, which is being defined in the JavaServer[tm] Faces (JSR-127) specification lead by Sun Microsystems under the Java Community Process[sm].

Beta testers are welcome to freely download the whole distribution from the HyperQbs developer portal at The most valuable feedback will be awarded with a Qbistic present :-)


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