October 9, 2001

HyperQbs framework 2.1 stable released

Author: JT Smith

pulrich writes: "A stable version of the HyperQbs framework 2.1 is now available for free download at http://www.hyperqbs.org
For those who know Struts, it might be interesting to have a look also at the HyperQbs framework.

About HyperQbs framework

HyperQbs is an open servlet framework for rapid application development of enterprise-scale Web applications based on visual components for the Java 2 platform. HyperQbs encourages application architectures based on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) designs paradigm and complies with the JavaServer Faces (JSR-127) design goals.

HyperQbs increases productivity and allows teamwork, fast prototyping, and incremental life-cycle development from reusable plug-in components. HyperQbs provides support for any J2EE and XML-based application server and development environment. The Configurable Application Flow (CAF) rule engine enables tailor-made component assembly without touching a single line of the component's source code, while the "dynamic face" effect makes your Web application independent of any user interface protocol.

Enjoy http://www.hyperqbs.org


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