January 23, 2001

HyperQbs technology rolls Beta

Author: JT Smith

pulrich writes "Qbizm Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce a new beta version of its HyperQbs 2.0 component-oriented framework for presentation logic. HyperQbs is a specialized middle-ware enabling reusable components with a dynamic face. The technology of dynamic face is crucial especially in mobile commerce applications and personalization. HyperQbs functions as an extension of any Java2EE and XML based application server.Beta testers are welcome to freely download the whole distribution from the HyperQbs developer portal at http://www.hyperqbs.org. The most valuable feedbacks will be awarded with a Qbistic present :-)

Qbizm Technologies, Inc. is a partner in the delivery and deployment of added value software building blocks for sophisticated and scalable mobile commerce solutions. Qbizm's European award winning research and development team has developed a new open architecture (HyperQbs) for Internet application developers enabling reusable software components with a dynamic face.

Let the Qbs roll . . .

Issued by the Press office of Qbizm Technologies, Inc. on Tuesday, January 23rd, 2001

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