September 2, 2000

HyperQbs 'Write once, View anywhere' technology

Author: JT Smith

Qbizm technologies, Inc. is happy to announce a HyperQbs alpha developer portal for free downloads and alpha testing of the new Java2EE and XML based HyperQbs technology.
HyperQbs defines the "write once, view anywhere" architecture solving the technology gap, which forces developers to rewrite their internet application each time a new display enters the market (different HTML browsers, WAP, PDAs, multimedia, PDF, e-mail clients, messaging -- even microwave ovens, cars and other new devices yet to come).

"Java brought the market the 'write once, run anywhere' concept. The marriage of HyperQbs and Java makes a true revolution in internet software engineering resulting in 'write once, run and view anywhere'. This not only simplifies the life of internet application developers and operators, but also delivers freedom, cuts down the costs and speeds up development and deployment in internet applications dramatically" said Peter K. Ulrich, CEO of Qbizm technologies, Inc.

"If you are a Java developer who is tired of the hassles associated with today's approach to 'website' or better to say 'internet application' development. Also if you are fed up with the chewing-gum-glue-it-together approach resulting in spaghetti code and HTML mixtures rather than serious software engineering, then the HyperQbs innovative component-ware technology is right for you." said Rene Michalek, Chief developer at Qbizm technologies, Inc.

HyperQbs technology is a successor of Servlets and JSP allowing complete separation of the work between programmers and web designers, enables team work, prototyping and incremental application life-cycle development of sophisticated internet applications with reusable plug-in components, called Qbs [read: Cubes].

Qbizm technologies, Inc. is in preparation to release the whole HyperQbs technology to open-source in the near future.

Let the Qbs roll . . .

Issued by the Press office of Qbizm technologies, Inc. at Saturday, 2 September 2000

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