I Have a Schedule to Keep–IO Schedulers

Article Source Linux Magazine
October 6, 2009, 3:41 pm

It almost goes without saying that the Linux kernel is a very complex piece of software. It is used in embedded devices that need real-time performance, hand-held devices, laptops, desktops, general servers, database servers, video servers, DNS systems, very large supercomputers, and on and on. All of these uses for the kernel have very different requirements. Some require the system be responsive to user input so you don‚Äôt interrupt streaming music or video or other interactivity. At the same time there are requirements for good IO performance (throughput, IOPS, etc.) and for some workloads, these requirements are very high. To make sure that there is balance within the system for all users and processes, there is a concept of schedulers within the kernel…

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