October 8, 2004

IBIBLIO has 'Live Linux' DVD.

Chris writes "There's a 4 gigabyte DVD, with a 'Live' linux,
available at IBIBLIO. Put it in, reboot, and
2 minutes later you are running Linux with 4GB of
preconfigured software. Shut down, it ejects the
DVD, and you are back to whatever you ran before.

It is the 'Knoppix 3.5' from LinuxTag

For the moment, though, you'll have to go to UNC in person to get a copy, becuase


I just received your DVD for knoppix. Here's what we can do for you
for the time being: We can hold the DVD for you and when we get more
storage space on our servers, if we can fit you in we will. I'm sure
thats not what you want to hear, but its the best we can do for now.
Check back with me once every couple of months or so to remind us that you
still want the distribution hosted by us. Thanks."


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