September 18, 2002

IBM announces Linux on eServer pSeries

IBM Tuesday disclosed to industry analysts its plan to deliver Linux on its
high performance IBM eServer pSeries servers. IBM plans to offer customers
a choice of running Linux or IBM's AIX5L UNIX operating system on its most
powerful servers, beginning with new POWER4 IBM eServer pSeries systems to
be announced this fall.

With unique partitioning capability from its Project eLiza initiative for
self-managing systems, IBM will become the only major UNIX vendor in the
industry to offer servers capable of running both Linux and UNIX operating
systems simultaneously on a single server.

And with IBM WebSphere application server and DB2 database running on
eServer pSeries servers running Linux, customers will have the ability to
run a wide range of web applications integrated on a single server with AIX
for back-end database management capabilities.

IBM's approach is very different from Sun's.
The ability to run both Linux and AIX 5L concurrently will offer several
advantages over a two system approach. Administrators running test and
production applications may wish to run both within one server rather than
operating two separate machines with possible performance variances.
Having a common server can be very useful during operating system and
application migrations leaving one less variable. pSeries systems are able
to be partitioned into many smaller servers. Consolidating multiple AIX 5L
and Linux systems within one server offers cost and space savings.
Training costs may also be realized as administrators need only learn one
hardware platform.

pSeries systems are an ideal platform for 64-bit Linux applications. POWER
microprocessors offer a proven environment with industry leading
performance with as few as half the microprocessors of competing systems.
Running Linux on POWER enables administrators to take advantage of the
wealth of applications available for Linux while leveraging the
considerable performance and scalability of a UNIX environment.

IBM today offers AIX 5L with Linux affinity, which allows customers to
deploy and run Linux applications on AIX. Linux affinity is an ideal
solution for UNIX customers, which are just starting out with Linux or
require the proven enterprise scalability and reliability features of AIX
5L. Additionally, customers today can run Linux and AIX5L on the same
pSeries server. IBM plans to offer customers the choice to run Linux or
AIX5L or both on the same pSeries server.

Helping UNIX Professionals Make the Switch to AIX and Linux
As part of its Solaris-to-Linux program, IBM has deployed a "swat team" of
Linux migration experts who work closely with IBM sales teams around the
world. Skilled in a broad spectrum of operating systems, the team members
can quickly prepare an assessment of a customer's Sun Solaris
infrastructure and develop a step-by-step blueprint for transitioning to
Linux on IBM eServer systems. The team includes system architects, database
administrators, project managers and operating system specialists.

IBM also offers UNIX for AIX Professionals classes, which are held
throughout the year. The program offers in-depth AIX training customized
to help IT administrators transition from their current operating
environments to AIX. Attendees gain valuable work-experience while having
a chance to "test drive" the industry's fastest growing operating system.
The classes are provided at no charge.

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