April 10, 2001

IBM announces a new KDE GUI Linux tutorial

Author: JT Smith

Katherine Gill, a publicist for IBM, sent us this good news about the latest addition to developerWorks:
Good morning -

Now that Linux is cropping up everywhere from desktops to servers,
developers are under pressure to become well-rounded in a variety of Linux
topics. To better serve the developer community, IBM is leveraging its
technical expertise in Linux by providing free educational tools via its
developerWorks site, IBM's free, online resource for developers.

Today, IBM has added a free tutorial on desktop basics (known as "K Desktop
Environment or KDE") to its growing collection on the developerWorks Linux
Zone. This tutorial will teach Linux users of every level to customize their
own KDE GUI.  Released February 26, KDE 2.1 addresses the need for an
Internet-enabled desktop for Linux.

The KDE tutorial is one of several new tutorials featured on
developerWorks' Linux Zone. The Zone has been steadily providing basic
training in hot areas that are relevant to developers who want to enhance
their technical skills or improve their marketability. Topics include:
basic Linux installation and configuration, scripting languages, desktop
environments, open source management tools and networking.


Katherine Gill
Brodeur Worldwide for IBM
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