October 21, 2003

IBM announces USD1 billion mainframe available in Middle East

The Z990, the most sophisticated server, can manage unprecedented capacity, scaling to process 450 million e-business transactions per day. The
machine will be deployed in IBM's On Demand data centres.

'The Z990 is a highly sophisticated, powerful, mainframe class server that gives our large customers in industries such as finance, government and
energy a new level of processing capability with rock solid reliability. As a single cabinet solution, the Z990 can support thousands of virtual Linux
servers, potentially replacing entire data centres,' said Samer Shaar, general manager of IBM Middle East, Egypt and Pakistan.

The z990 is the most powerful and scalable IBM mainframe in the 40-year history of the product, with twice the virtualization capabilities and the
ability to do nearly three times the work of the z900, a new "building block" design that allows customers to plug in new capacity without taking the
system down, and a dramatically simplified product structure that reduces the number of mainframe models from 42 to 4.

Link: ameinfo.com

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