February 24, 2015

IBM, ARM Deliver Starter Kit for Internet of Things

There is no doubt that the Internet of Things (IoT) is emerging as one of the hottest stories of 2015. We've already reported on how as it gains momentum, there is a big need for collaboration, open and interoperable tools and standards, and governance. In our recent conversation with the AllSeen Alliance’s senior director of IoT, Philip DesAutels, he stressed the need for interoperability of devices.

Now ARM and IBM have announced a partnership that includes a starter kit for making IoT devices.  The ARM mbed IoT Starter Kit, Ethernet Edition, will channel data from Internet-connected devices directly into IBM’s Bluemix cloud platform. "The combination of a secure sensor environment by ARM with cloud-based analytics, mobile and application resources from IBM will allow fast prototyping of new smart products and unique value-added services," claims ARM. The first products developed using the kit are expected to enter the market in 2015.

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