February 19, 2002

IBM business partners embrace Linux in growing numbers

Author: JT Smith

IBM on Feb. 18 announced the number of
IBM Business Partners supporting IBM's Linux*-enabled software increased
more than 800 percent over the last year.

IBM Business Partners are riding the momentum behind the fast-paced growth
of the Linux operating system. In one year, the number of Business
Partners supporting IBM's key software running on Linux grew from 548 to
more than 4700.

In addition, more than 1000 IBM Business Partners attained Linux
certification from RedHat and the Linux Professional Institute last year.

"Business Partners from all over the world are seizing the opportunity to
take part in the rapid growth surrounding the Linux platform," said Scott
Handy, director, Worldwide Linux Software, IBM. "The ability to deliver
the industry's leading e-business solutions on the fastest growing platform
in the market is a powerful combination that quickly leads partners to new
opportunities, driving revenue and expanding their customer base."

According to analyst firm IDC, Linux is the fastest growing server
operating system in the market, and second in volume only to Windows
NT/2000 through 2005.**

"IBM's Linux initiative allows customers and partners to bring edge of
network applications into the enterprise while creating a value
proposition across the IBM portfolio for partners to truly sell integrated
solutions with Linux and IBM," said Janet Waxman, research manager, Server
and Workstation Distribution, IDC Research.

New Linux Initiatives for Business Partners

To help Business Partners meet the growing demand for Linux-based
solutions, IBM is delivering the IBM Leadership Edge for Linux, a set of
new and enhanced initiatives within the IBM PartnerWorld** program.
Through the Leadership Edge for Linux, IBM will provide enhanced education,
certification, co-marketing, incentives and technical support to assist the
end-to-end Linux community of IBM Business Partners.

"Pioneer-Standard continues to be a leader in the Linux space, providing
substantial and reliable technical solutions to our customers as they
embrace this cost-effective platform," said Matt Reaves, vice president,
Software Sales & Marketing, Pioneer-Standard, Computer Systems Division.
"Through our long-standing relationship with IBM, Pioneer-Standard offers
solution providers integrated resources that create new sales opportunities
and increase revenue streams. We look forward to participating in the
Leadership Edge for Linux initiatives as our Linux portfolio grows."

As part of Leadership Edge for Linux, IBM will provide an enhanced Ready,
Set, Linux -- GO! initiative. The four phased approach includes: Ready:
education and how to get started with IBM; Set: technical training and
support on Linux; Linux: an ongoing enablement and support program
featuring educational roadmaps leading to certification and access to key
PartnerWorld benefits for those delivering e-business solutions for Linux;
and Go!: a set of marketing and sales tools to create and capture demand
for Linux solutions.

To further support the independent software vendor (ISV) community, IBM
will be announcing the Solutions Edge for Linux to help accelerate the
development of Linux applications that address the unique needs of small
and medium-sized businesses. IBM will provide a broad range of application
development, porting and testing support for smaller businesses.

To enhance the development of complete Linux solutions, IBM's new Business
Partner Leaders for Linux initiative, will support and reward Business
Partners with opportunities and incentives to spur business growth and the
enterprise adoption of Linux, including extended sales force linkage,
co-marketing incentives and sales accelerators.

For up-to-date news, tools and resources on IBM Linux solutions and partner
support, please visit The Linux Lens (www.ibm.com/partnerworld/linux) at
the PartnerWorld Web site.

Momentum on the Server

By providing solutions with ISV's - Axiom, Bynari, and Steeleye - customers
can further increase their business applications that run on Linux and the
IBM eServer xSeries line of servers.

Steeleye, a provider of clustering software for Linux and Windows
environments, is announcing the availability of its ServerProven LifeKeeper
software on IBM's eServer xSeries. Flamenco Networks, a leading provider
of Web Services Networks, has chosen this bundled solution from Steeleye
and IBM xSeries to provide a highly reliable Linux infrastructure for their
Web services management platform. With the scalable architecture of IBM
x342, x340 systems and LifeKeeper products, Flamenco can easily add Web
servers or database servers as necessary.

Additionally Bynari, which provides an integrated messaging, calandering
and e-mail solution, has partnered with IBM eServer xSeries to provide
small and medium enterprises with Bynari's Insight Mail Server and
Intel-based servers to provide reliable electronic mail and collaboration
capabilities. Bynari is currently working with customers across key
industries to implement a stable, cost-effective e-mail solution on
Linux-based IBM eServers that allows Microsoft Exchange users to leave
behind Microsoft NT and Exchange infrastructures while maintaining full
Outlook client functionality.

About IBM

IBM (http://www.ibm.com/) is the world's largest information technology
company, with 80 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM
creates, develops and manufactures the industry's most advanced information
technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems,
storage devices and microelectronics. IBM PartnerWorld is a marketing and
enablement program designed to create new revenue and marketing
opportunities for IBM Business Partners, and provide customers with
e-business solutions including products, services, technologies and

*Indicates trademark or registered trademark of Linus Torvalds.

**Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business
Machines Corporation.

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