January 20, 2001

IBM could have 'stranglehold' on Linux community soon

Author: JT Smith

Upside.com follows up on an earlier story:
"Speaking in an interview (published today) with online
news site VNUnet, Gartner Group analyst George Weiss said that unless smaller
companies such as Red Hat (RHAT) and VA Linux (LNUX) get their act together,
IBM could be in a position to exert a 'stranglehold' on the community.
Weiss' comments came after a midweek briefing with IBM execs. It's no secret that
IBM has become increasingly bullish on open source software within the past 24
months. In December, IBM chief Gerstner publicly announced his company's
willingness to invest $1 billion in marketing, support and development efforts related
to the GNU/Linux operating system." (VA Linux owns NewsForge.)


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