February 26, 2004

IBM escalates SMB war with Microsoft

Trying to build some momentum going into its annual PartnerWorld conference in Las Vegas next week, IBM on Wednesday announced it has now signed up
200 ISVs (independent software vendors) in 10 months to its ISV Advantage Initiative, including some it has ripped away from archrival Microsoft.

The ISV Advantage Program is intended to recruit developers interested in selling to the SMB (small and midsize business) markets, which analysts
estimate to be worth some US$300 billion. The Advantage Program equips these developers with technical, marketing, and sales support in order to
deliver customized turnkey solutions for a range of vertical markets.

Company officials claim that more than 70 percent of those developers signed up for the program are supporting IBM server software running on some
flavor of Linux.

Link: computerworld.com

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