October 5, 2001

The IBM p690: Pricing advantages, questionable hype

Author: JT Smith

More coverage of the new IBM p690, the server formerly known as Regatta. This is a major new product from the company, and executives are, understandably, crowing about its advantages in the general direction of any reporter who will listen. System sales VP Erich Clementi told ZDNet UK "We're two years ahead, and ours is half the price," comparing the $761,686 price tag of a 16-way p690 with 16GB memory with the $1,413,840 price of a Sun Microsystems Sun Fire with a similar setup. IBM's claim to offer the world's most powerful Unix server is questionable, however, as the noted top performer in that category hasn't taken any of the benchmark tests used by IBM for the p690.


  • Unix
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