February 27, 2003

IBM releases all Its Web Services development on 2

Anonymous Reader writes "You want to begin developing Web Services?... well here's and easy way to get started. Get the latest development tools from IBM Web Services development labs from arround the world, by ordering the free Web services Software Evaluation Kit. Get a fresh collection of Web services articles and tutorials on the SEK CDs, and learn about everything from the basics of SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI, to the latest techologies in the Web Services stack such as workflow, security, and attachments. Get access to IBM's Web Services forum, moderated by Web Services experts, they're trained to answer all you questions. Get the refreshed WSDK V5.0 that includes: Bean2WebService, EJB2WebService, WSDL2WebService, UDDIPublish, and UDDIUnpublish. These tools perform all the actions required to transform a standard J2EE application into a Web Service and make it accessible to others. Get all of the newest IBM Web Services development mailed to you at no charge."
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