October 1, 2003

IBM releases first visual editor for DB2 data mining

IBM yesterday announced four new technologies that will enable developers to more easily deploy and manage applications based on DB2 Universal Database. These new DB2 developments are designed to ease development expertise and shorten the
time and costs associated with implementing new applications.

First visual editor for data mining

The data mining functionality of DB2 is now available for the first time in
a development environment for software developers. WebSphere Studio Plug-in
for DB2 Intelligent Miner can be used as a graphical front end for DB2
Intelligent Miner Scoring/Modeling, which allows users to add data-mining
functionality to their applications. The technology is an intuitive tool
that allows application developers to use the data-mining functionality of
Intelligent Miner in their projects without having to learn Intelligent
Miner's complex SQL API, hence making data mining accessible to software

The plug-in adds some data-mining functionality to WSAD such as:
--a view allowing management (import, export, rename, delete, visualize) of
the data-mining models stored in the database
--a visual editor allowing the drawing of the flow of a data-mining process

With WebSphere Studio Plug-in for DB2 Intelligent Miner, there is no need
to switch from one mining tool to an application development tool. The
mining process which has to be integrated in an application is designed in
the development environment which is used to build the whole application.
In addition, since programmers now have visual support to design their
mining process, they don't have to learn the API of the mining tool as they
did in the past. Therefore, this tool reduces the learning curve, and
facilitates the use of mining technologies by software developers with
reduced knowledge in data mining.

Fast DB2 replication monitoring

Data replication often takes up an enterprise resources.Therefore, an
effective monitoring solution is essential to support error-free

The new Replication Monitoring Center for DB2 (RMCDB2) is a new solution
that supports error prevention, minimization of down time and problem
resolution - creating a fast solution for DB2 replication monitoring.

RMCDB2 was created by IBM Global Services/ Business Consulting Services in
Germany for IBM customers to reduce the amount of time and manpower that
standard replication tools require. With RMCDB2, enterprises can assign
fewer database administrators to merely monitor the replication problem.
Using autonomic functionality, RMCDB2 eliminates the unnecessary tasks that
the system operator usually does. It can be used to perform alert
monitoring while unattended. The system operator only gets involved with a
problem occurs.

RMCDB2 supports different version of the DB2 replication architecture and
also monitoring a variety of data replication from and to other servers
using DB2 Data Propagator. This way, an enterprise wide range of
replication systems can be monitored using one point of control.

Simplified access to databases

For Web developers who want to exploit databases seamlessly in their
applications, IBM has released a free, trial version of URI Access for
DB2, a solution that enables faster and easier access to data stored in DB2
from many environments such as web browsers, XML parsers and other web
based clients. For example, a developer who is building an e-commerce site
for a retailer where product information is stored in a database can simply
use the URI notation to access and navigate the database content, thus
saving several steps.

Simplified SQL interface for data mining

Data mining requires specific skills such as knowledge in mining and
experience solving business problems with mining technologies. These skills
are hard to find -- one reason why data mining's useage is often limited.
One way to extend the use of data mining is to integrate data-mining
technology into solutions. The Easy Mining Procedures for DB2 Intelligent
Miner facilitates this integration through a smple and easy-to-use SQL
interface for data mining. IBM is the only vendor offering an SQL API for
data mining. SQL is advantageous to use since almost every programming
language has an interface to SQL.

These tools are available for free, trial download through alphaWorks,
IBM's resource for emerging technology at the alphaWorks site.

Link: alphaWorks.ibm.com

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