August 19, 2004

IBM releases new Eclipse development package for Linux

IBM on Thursday released a no-cost Eclipse development package for building
and deploying applications on Linux.

The package consists of the latest open source Eclipse SDK (v3.0) from, plus the latest IBM Java Runtime Environment (JRE) for Linux. With the addition of the IBM JRE to the package, developers now can now develop, test, and deploy their Java applications with IBM's runtime

The Linux share of the desktop, particularly among the developer
community, is growing; IDC projects that Linux will run on 25 million
desktops by 2007. This trend is driving increased demand for software
development tools that run on Linux. Eclipse, an open source platform for
development tools integration, runs on many platforms including Linux and
makes it easier for tools developers to satisfy this demand and to deliver
their offerings on Linux. As of July there have been over 29 million
download request for Eclipse, and the Eclipse Foundation boasts over 50
member companies.

The Eclipse development package is available at no charge through
developerWorks Java Zone. A version of the
development package, including the IBM JRE, is also available for

IBM also offers a no-charge Linux Software Evaluation Kit DVD that can be
ordered at this site. This evaluation kit has trial versions of WebSphere Studio Application Developer as well as IBM
middleware from (DB2, WebSphere and Tivoli) that run on Linux.

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