IBM releases new workstations and desktops


Author: JT Smith

“At the National Association of Broadcasters annual trade show on Wednesday IBM(R) announced five new IntelliStation M Pro workstations and 12 new NetVista(TM) A60 business and A60i home desktop systems, all boosted by advanced Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 processors at speeds up to 1.7GHz(superscript: (1)). The IntelliStation M Pro features new Fire GL4(superscript: (2)) graphics based on IBM’s copper chip technology, boosting performance in ways designed to simplify the
manipulation of large three-dimensional models.”The new IntelliStation M Pro is the first in the industry to offer the
new Fire GL4 graphics card. Microprocessors based on IBM’s copper chip
technology — launched only two years ago on high-end IBM servers —
improve performance dramatically as compared to chips based on aluminum.
Pioneered by IBM researchers, these microprocessors are smaller, denser,
faster and cooler than their aluminum counterparts. They are also more
reliable and less expensive to manufacture.

“This new graphics card offers high-end performance and function at a
lower price,” said Doug Oathout, director of marketing, IBM IntelliStation.
“It provides existing and new customers with many of the capabilities of
high-end 3D, enabling them to attain new levels of productivity.”

In addition to offering the new Fire GL4 card, the industry’s
next-generation 3D graphics accelerator, IBM also offers the Fire GL2
(superscript: (2)) card. They are among a comprehensive range of
performance 2D- and advanced 3D-graphics solutions certified by IBM for
IntelliStation compatibility. They include the Matrox Millennium G450 and
NVIDIA Quadro2 MXR graphics adapters, both supporting dual displays for
enhanced productivity.

Also at NAB today, LGI Media Technologies announced plans to use IBM
IntelliStation workstations and other IBM technologies in its new
Hollywoodbury Studios in Woodbury, Minn., near Minneapolis-St. Paul.

“IBM provides a complete and synergistic solution, and we are excited
to go forward with the IBM technology partnership,” says LaSalle Gabriel,
the president and CEO of LGI. “It is our mission to stay ahead of the
market with leading technology and software solutions.”

Other enhancements to the IntelliStation M Pro line-up include:

larger hard drives, up to 40GB(superscript: (3)) in size, for greater
storage capabilities;
increased memory supported by the Intel 850 chipset with up to PC800
RAMBUS ECC, delivering more data;
user-friendly mechanical design allowing for tool-free access
accommodating six adapters (five PCI slots, one 4X AGP Pro 50) and 7
storage devices (4 bays open); and
more operating system choices, as systems are preloaded with
Microsoft(R) Windows(R) 2000. IntelliStation also supports Windows NT(R)
4.0 and Linux(R) 6.0

IBM IntelliStation workstations provide owners with a three-year,
parts and on-site labor limited warranty(superscript: (4)); free
24x7x365(superscript: (5)) technical support is standing by for the duration of the warranty, augmented by the IntelliStation
“Ask Engineering” rapid response team. Through the Web, users can directly contact IntelliStation system engineers on
issues ranging from setup to optimizing system components for peak performance with mission-critical applications.

New NetVista A60 and A60i Desktops

The NetVista A60, designed for business users, and the NetVista A60i,
built for productive individuals at home and small businesses, now feature
Pentium 4 processor speeds of up to 1.7GHz. First introduced in the fall
of 2000, the NetVista A60 and A60i series of personal systems occupies the
high-performance category of the IBM NetVista family of desktop products.

In addition to boasting the fastest processor speeds available from
Intel, the A60 and A60i desktops provide users with huge hard drives, some
models featuring up to 80 gigabytes of capacity. Additionally, the A60 and
A60i desktops offer four bays and four slots, providing users with a high
degree of expandability.

While the A60 line is built for performance, it also packs in a number
of useful software tools that allow users to run their businesses more
efficiently. Easy-to-use NetVista software tools like IBM Backup and
Restore and IBM Data Transfer help people transfer their data and
electronic personality settings from previous personal computers, and
provide one-button restore capabilities in the event of software glitches
or system crashes.

Pricing and Availability

The new IBM IntelliStation M Pro with 1.7GHz Pentium 4, available immediately, starts at $3,320(superscript: (6)). IntelliStation M Pro
workstations with 1.7GHz Pentium 4 and the Fire GL4 card are available in June, starting at $4,820(superscript: (6)). The new NetVista A60i
starting at $1,234(superscript: (6)), and the A60, starting at $1,239(superscript: (6)), are available for order now. All can be purchased directly
through or by calling 1-888-SHOP-IBM.

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1. GHz only measures microprocessor internal clock speed; many factors affect application performance.
2. Fire GL2 and Fire GL4 are trademarks of ATI Technologies, Inc. and are used under license.
3. GB equals 1 billion bytes and MB equals 1 million bytes when referring to storage capacity; accessible capacity may be less.
4. For information regarding the terms and conditions of IBM’s limited warranty, please visit our Web site or call 1-800-772–2227.
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