January 24, 2004

IBM-SCO squabble extends even to the court calendar

Consider this: The tiny Lindon software company and the world's largest computer company can't even agree on why Friday's key hearing before U.S. Magistrate Judge Brooke Wells was postponed.

Further, while arguing SCO's Jan. 12 response met Wells' order to provide IBM's attorneys with specific evidence of SCO's Unix-Linux claims, Stowell acknowledged his company "continues to provide IBM with additional materials related to our case.

"SCO failed to comply with the court's order to fully answer IBM's interrogatories and requirements for documents by [the deadline]," Darcy said. "SCO has now agreed to provide additional responses, so the court has agreed to postpone the hearing to give SCO additional time to comply."

Citing judicial ethics, Wells declined to clarify the dispute. Her docket entry regarding the postponement simply notes the setting of a new hearing -- although the bulk of the motions to be considered involve time extensions sought by SCO to reply to various IBM information demands.

Link: The Salt Lake Tribune


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