April 26, 2002

IBM shatters benchmark performance record with WebSphere running onLinux

IBM today announced new industry-standard
ECperf benchmark results showing that WebSphere* running on Linux**, the
open source platform, delivers the high-performance and scalability
required to deploy e-business applications while enabling customers to
reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).
ECPerf is an Enterprise JavaBeans benchmark designed to measure the
scalability and performance of J2EE servers and containers. It is
under the Java Community Process and has been built in conjunction with
J2EE server vendors.

IBM's most recent ECperf submission, demonstrates a real e-business
solution with IBM WebSphere Internet infrastructure software, a cluster
eServer xSeries systems running Red Hat Linux and DB2. This solution
almost doubled the previous performance record held by BEA and HP running
Windows 2000 Server. While setting a new standard for performance, the
submission was also 39 percent less expensive than the BEA and HP

IBM is the first company to submit an ECperf benchmark running on Linux.

IBM delivered 32581.47 BBops/min@Std, a measurement of workload, and
$11/BBops, the measurement of total cost of ownership of the system under
test. These results show the value and performance that customers can
realize with a world-class e-business infrastructure from IBM. For more
information about IBM's ECperf benchmark results, as well as the full
disclosure report, visit http://ecperf.theserverside.com/ecperf/

"IBM software and hardware running on Red Hat Linux is a powerful
combination, delivering the industry's best value, lowest TCO with
leading performance," said Scott Hebner, Director of Marketing, IBM
WebSphere. "More and more businesses are considering performance results
when making purchasing decisions. These results, coupled with our
extensive customer base, shows that WebSphere delivers superior
while cutting the overall cost of running applications."

IBM continues to set the standard for performance. In an earlier
submission using Java, WebSphere and DB2 running Windows 2000, IBM
the equivalent performance at only 72 percent the cost of BEA WebLogic's

About IBM's WebSphere Software

WebSphere is the market-leading Internet infrastructure software, or
middleware, for creating, running and integrating e-business applications
across a variety of computing platforms. Built on open standards such as
J2EE, XML and the new Web services standards, and endowed with IBM's core
strengths of reliability, scalability and security, WebSphere server
software and development tools are used by tens of thousands of customers
and have shown 11 consecutive quarters of doube-digit sales growth. For
more information: http://www.ibm.com/websphere.

*Indicates trademark or registered trademark of International Business
Machines Corporation.

**Linux is a trademark of Linus Torvalds.

All other trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their
respective owners.

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