IBM small business suite for Linux


Author: JT Smith

Frank Carlos writes: “Take a good look at the IBM Small Business Suite for Linux. It has all of the major software products IBM has ported to Linux, and at a cost a small business or just about anybody can easily afford($499 per server and $90 per desktop). The list of server and desktop software includes Lotus Domino Application Server for Linux V5.0.4, IBM WebSphere Application Server Standard Edition for Linux V3.0.2 (including IBM HTTP Server for Linux V1.3.12) powered by Apache. IBM DB2 Universal Database Workgroup Edition for Linux V7.1 (including IBM Net.Data for Linux V7.1) and IBM WebSphere Homepage Builder for Linux V4.0. If you want a complete, enterprise-grade software base for business solutions – robust, secure and scalable and you want to use Linux to do it, then take a serious look at the IBM Small Business Suite for Linux.”