November 30, 2005

IBM Weighs in Behind ODF in MA

Andy Updegrove writes "Yesterday, Sun's Director of Standards Carl Cargill sent a letter to Tom Trimarcho, Mass. Ex. Agency Secretary of Finance and Administration Tom Trimarco sayint that Sun was foursquare behind ODF, and today it was IBM's turn. IBM has almost 5% of all of the software jobs in Massachusetts - over 5,000 employees - as IBM's VP of Standards and Open Source Bob Sutor points out his letter of support for ODF to Trimarco, who had earlier said that he was "optimistic" that Microsoft's XML Reference Schema would make the grade. IBM - and those 5,000 jobs - are of the opinion that the Schemas should get approved by Ecma first. And why not? As Sutor points out, Within OASIS, ODF was both developed and will be maintained in an open fashion by multiple stakeholders. This is not just a promise that might come true in a year or two, this is what has already happened. For more context, see: 0"


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