February 27, 2004

IBM Won't Oppose SCO's Copyright Claim

IBM has told a U.S. court it won't oppose a motion by the SCO Group to add copyright infringement claims to the latter's
Linux lawsuit against Big Blue.

"IBM does not oppose plaintiff's [SCO's] motion," attorneys for the company wrote in papers filed the United States Court for the Central District of
Utah. However, in its filing, IBM called the SCO copyright allegations "meritless" and said it would defend itself against them.

The filing comes as both sides await a ruling on whether SCO will be able to include copyright infringement claims to its ongoing $3 billion lawsuit
against IBM that seeks to challenge parts of Linux code. At presstime, IBM hadn't returned a call for comment about the motion.

However, legal observers have indicated that a plaintiff's motion to add claims to a lawsuit is unlikely to be denied by a judge, which could explain
why IBM has filed a motion that essentially seeks to move the issue along in the legal process.

Link: internetnews.com


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