August 12, 2007

IBM’s Mainframe Simplification Reduces Data Center Staffing, Analyst Says

A new report by IT industry analyst Clabby Analytics says that ââ¬Åall of the new improvements that IBM (NYSE: IBM) is making in mainframe management may actually reduce the number of people needed to manage mainframes in the future as well as reduce the skills needed to manage mainframe environments.ââ¬Â The Clabby report indicates that the mainframeââ¬â¢s ability to run Linux and Java workloads will ââ¬Åplay a vital role in ensuring the mainframeââ¬â¢s longevity.ââ¬Â
Clabby concludes that ââ¬Åthe mainframe serves a unique role in the enterprise as a centralized, secure database hub, as a powerful transaction engine, and as a host of mission-critical business logic. IT executives know this ââ¬â and maybe this is why the mainframe market grew 8% last year.ââ¬Â

Link: TechWhack Press Release

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